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 There is a regular bus service from Perth. If distance is an issue, there is a lot to learn right here on our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, leave your number in an email and we’ll call you. We can also mail or email you anything you’d like to know. If you’re driving, there’s a map below to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to show you around soon!

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18 Bosley Street, Geraldton WA 6530

Sales Hotline

0439 904 173 or 0477 171 294

Our Approach


We are pleased to announce we will be opening our display homes by appointment:













Village Life




As you’d expect with an over 55 community that has been designed and constructed to be the best in the West, everything you could hope for in terms of features and inclusions, natural and man-made, is waiting for you at Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village. When you compare the location, the homes choices and the price with other over 55 gated communities, well, there really is no comparison. Major features that stand out include the Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village clubhouse, family centre, Village Green with Gazebos and BBQ’s and so much more. For all the fantastic details, including full specifications on our choice of homes, contact us today.

Home and Home Site Features

For details refer to Frequently Asked Questions

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Age limit

Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village is a 55 and over Lifestyle Village consistent with the City of Geraldton & Greenough Town Planning Scheme provisions applicable to the land.



Display homes will be available for viewing from April 2017. Stage 1 will have 15 home sites with the first Homes in late 2017. Once completed Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village will consist of 62 homes. A Club House and Men’s Shed will be constructed at the end of Stage 1. Stage 1 owners will have access to the facilities at the neighbouring Sunset Beach Holiday Park


Security of Tenure

The lease period is for 30 years, commencing in 2017. Residents are covered by a Residential Site Agreement (RSA), which protects their interests. In the event of sale, all conditions will transfer to the new owner – check missing wording.


Medical Facilities

Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village is a Lifestyle Village. Medical care facilities will not be provided. A Doctor’s Surgery is located at Bluff Point with a Pharmacy at the local shopping centre. There is a St John Ambulance facility 10 minutes away and two hospitals, Geraldton Hospital and St John of God. Both Silver Chain and Avivo offer in-home care services in Geraldton.


Power, Gas & Water Services

Mains power, gas and water will be provided to all homes. These utilities will be metered with the cost of usage being the responsibility of the residents.


Sewerage or Septic

Mains sewerage will be provided to all homes.


Site Sizes

Site sizes in Stage 1 range from [225sqm to 255sqm].


Gate Security

The entry gate will be installed in Stage 1 with after-hours card access for Residents. A video connection to the front gate with electronic opening access will be provided to all homes. There will be a manual over-ride in the event of a power failure.


Gated Community

The perimeter will have the standard 1.8 metre colorbond fence at the rear of all Home sites. Security cameras will be strategically located. There will also be regular night patrols conducted


Gated Community

The perimeter will have the standard 1.8 metre colorbond fence at the rear of all Home sites. Security cameras will be strategically located. There will also be regular night patrols conducted


Access Road

A separate access road to Baler Road will be installed for use in case of emergencies.



Communal areas/facilities are insured through AON. Adequate Home and Contents Insurance by the individual Homeowners is mandatory.


Maintenance of Gardens

Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village is responsible for maintenance of all communal areas plus the front ‘garden’ of the resident’s homes. Residents will be responsible for maintaining the gardens at the sides and rear of their home site.


Home Maintenance

Residents are responsible for the internal and external maintenance and upkeep of their home and home site.


Green Belt

This is considered important to the look and feel of Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village. There are significant and permanent areas allocated to open space.



A mosquito management plan is in place as per the City of Geraldton/Greenough Town Plan for the region.


Communications/Broadband Internet/TV/Pay TV

NBN has been installed throughout the Village. Options are available for telephone and internet services including private and NBN offerings. Free to air digital TV is provided by a centralized hub without the need for an antenna on each home. Pay TV will be via individual Resident’s arrangements with their supplier.



Fleetwood is our exclusive builder for the supply and installation of homes at Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village. Fleetwood is renowned for its building quality and ongoing service and is a perfect fit for our Village.

Standard designs are generally suitable for most residents however Fleetwood are happy to discuss small design and room dimension changes within the ‘building footprint’. Site sizes vary and need to be considered. Additional charges may apply.

Here are the details about living in the village



4.1 Fees/Weekly fees

The rent will initially be $135 per week, which is subject to annual CPI variation. The Nominated Rent, equivalent to 10% of the sale price when you sell your home, is due at the time of sale.

4.2 Weekly fee increases

Annually at CPI, with consideration for increases in Government fees and charges greater than CPI.

4.3 Rates/Land Taxes/Water Service Fee

All covered in the weekly rent.

4.4 Strata Fees

There are no strata fees.

4.5 Centrelink Rental Rebates

Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village meets the criteria for Government Rent Assistance. To check your eligibility we encourage you to contact a Financial Information Service Officer (FSIO) at your local Centrelink office. Centrelink can be contacted directly on 13 2300 or visit the Centrelink website at:

Human Service


5.1 Facilities on Site

5.2 Caravan Parking

Caravan/trailer/RV/boat parking will be provided in a designated and secure “Storage Parking” facility. Sites are $15 per week and require reservation. Subject to availability and limits will apply.

5.3 Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located at Sunset Beach Holiday Park and designed to accommodate general use for residents. Serious lap swimmers would be encouraged to use Geraldton pool.


All residents will agree to a set of “Village Rules” before joining the community at Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village. These are provided to ensure the comfort of all residents and to maintain standards at their expected level. Management will oversee the rules to ensure they are always up to date.

The following reflect the most frequently asked questions about the rules. A copy of the full Village Rules is available on request.

6.1 Pets

Smaller dogs & cats will be welcome at Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village. For environmental/wildlife reasons cats cannot be allowed to roam freely and suitably approved cat enclosures and/or cat runs will need to be installed. Small birds kept caged inside the home will be allowed. Dogs will be required to be on a leash at all times when walking throughout the village.

6.2 Visitors – Short Term

Short-term visitors are welcome whilst residents are in the Village and will be subject to all Village Rules. Our Village residents’ lifestyle will always be the major consideration.

6.3 Visitors – Long Term & House Sitters

Long-term visitors and house sitters will be required to complete the standard interview process as for new residents and additional fees may apply.

6.4 Holding a Site

It is considered impractical to hold a site in the building stages for lengthy periods due to access for cranes/trades and in fairness to other potential residents. Common sense will prevail when a prospective resident has their external home ‘actively’ on the market

6.5 Large Vehicles

Where a vehicle can’t fit on to a Home site (with 1 metre clearance from the road verge) it will need to be parked at the ‘Storage Parking’ facility (see ‘Facilities’ – ‘Caravan parking’).


7.1 Selling Homes at Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village

Residents of Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village are able to sell their homes at ‘market value’. Logically this would be with the Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village sales team who have access to a database of clients and have no selling fees, with the possible exception of external advertising. Residents can engage external agents, which will incur agent’s fees – however, agents will not be permitted to erect ‘For Sale’ signs within the Village.

7.2 Nominated Rent

The Nominated Rent, equivalent to 10% of the sale price when you sell your Home will be deducted from the sale price.

7.3 Stamp Duty

No Stamp Duty is payable as there is no sale of land.

7.4 Sale of your External Home

For those who don’t have an existing relationship with a real estate agent, Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village has qualified two local agents who we can recommend to assist with the sale of your external home. These agents understand the Sunset Beach Lifestyle Village model and have given a commitment to provide a personalised service from a senior representative.

Prices, fees and information provided are correct at time of print and are subject to change, including the outcomes of “Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement – Statutory Review of the Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenants) Act 2006”.

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Park Operators Guides to the Residential Parks (Long-stay tenants) Act 2006